Why do I need a website?

Often times when we offer our website design service to small business owners, we are told that they cannot afford a professional website because they are small business with low budget. This is the most common misunderstanding of website design. The cost of website design depends on your business needs and features you would like to have, and can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars or higher. As a matter of fact, for a small business with low budget, it is not only affordable to have a professional website, but also cost-effective in the long term. Why? Because:

  1. Companies spend quite big amount of money on creating brochures and distributing them to potential customers. By having a professional website for your company, you can greatly reduce the amount of brochures needed or can even skip making brochures entirely. Your potential customers can easily find out about your company, your products, and your services online. Your professional website is your online brochure which will be available 24 by 7 and can also be distributed worldwide, while cutting down your operation cost.
  2. There are lots of people surfing the Internet and making purchases online every day, and any of them could come across your website and even become your customer.
  3. Your website is the best place to introduce your company, show off the work you do, and even share some testimonies of current customers. By doing this, you can greatly increase the credibility of your company.
  4. Do you have to answer many repeated questions about your company and products? In this case, there is no better place than your website to address them. A FAQ section on your website can greatly reduce your communication burden so you can focus on addressing more important questions.
  5. Website provides another way (in some cases, even a better way) to communicate with your customers by releasing updates, important news, and other business-related changes online. By keeping your customers well informed, you may avoid lots of potential misunderstandings.
  6. By integrating your website with social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, and etc., you can market your company much better to attract more customers.

Now, do you still think you don’t need a website? Do you still think you cannot afford to have a website? To be honest, if you can afford creating and distributing your company’s brochures, then you can afford to have a professional website for your company.